Monday, December 14, 2009

School Christmas gifts

Yes this has been a busy day. Full of taking kids to school, picking them up, going shopping for candy and cookies (our gift to our friends, teachers, etc.) and coming home to assemble out purchases. Days like this always make me feel like the best mom on the planet. I'm the mom I've always wanted to be and that I never had. Cookies and milk when you get home from school isn't a fantasy in my world anymore. I just wanted to share these pictures of all that the kids and I did today. Hope your day is filled with cookies and milk oh and 60 dollars worth of candy. lol What do you do that makes you feel like the best mom ever, or person? Love to all.


  1. Hi there,
    Wow, what lucky teachers!!! I bet they can't wait to see your kids walking into school at the end of term! LOL I know I would!
    It's nice to have fun with both your hobby and your family all rolled into one! Well done.
    Dawn xx

  2. so cute love the little bells what a great touch

  3. WOW! What nice ideas you have! And thanks very much for stopping by to comment on my blog. Have a wonderful day ahead!

  4. Wow, what awesome work, just love the look of all these candy bags and cookie jars, a real fewstive treat. x