Saturday, February 13, 2010

Create for Fun Challenge

So, today was a rather relaxing day. We went live on our blog challenge Scrap The Art; which I love. But I could be partial. I'm okay with that. We had a few neighbor buddies over and I did laundry all day. WOOHOO eventful I know but I just wanted to share. This evening my girls came in from playing and wanted mama time so we've made a few cards. I'll post their cards below. I'm getting spaghetti for dinner; I'm easy so I'm ecstatic. Here is my card...

I made this for the challenge over at Create 4 fun

Here's a list of What was used:
Punches-cricut george for the inner circle
ink- embossing blue and brown ink for the edges
embellishments- prima flowers and glitter glue (green), brads from SU, huge chip board button used behind the white circle for dimension
stamps- footprints
extras- none that I can think of
paper- It was a pattern pack. Love it did some l.o.'s with it as well.

Here is the card my 5 year old did...

And here is the card my 3 yr old did...

Hope you all have a great night.
Hugs and love,


  1. Hi!
    I found your blog through the Scrap the Art blog - I love that baby card, and it looks like you have two very talented crafters to help you along!!

    Esme x

  2. Oh how sweet those cards are that your little girls made. (Yours is adorable too!) You have crafting companions for life when you have daughters.(I have one myself) Have a great day!!