Monday, March 7, 2011

CSN Stores

Hey everyone! I am so excited its Monday, finally. I'm getting my hair done this week, we have big plans for Thurs. and Fri. and then this weekend awaits some awesomeness for us!!! WOOT

Okay so as some of you may know my laptop gave out and I am using hubby's home office computer. But I'm sitting here wondering why people use computer desks for home and thinking man we really need a new desk for this hardin' man! That's why I'm so frustrated because I don't like looking at ugly things and THIS desk, that he works on, is...nothing short of U.G.L.Y!

He works hard so I started shopping online. Found the cutest ALL have to check out the link above. They have some really cool corner desks I think I'm going to get him. EWE EWE and I found some awesome chairs, SCORE.

Well anyway I will quit rambling I just wanted to know how many of you use laptops and how many of you use desk tops? I need suggestions on which to purchase!! Brands? etc. HELP lol

I hope you are all having a fabulous day. I will be back later with an AWESOME announcement.


  1. I love the new Apple laptop that my school provided for me- yes they are expensive but it is light, quick and it works great

  2. I use both, but mostly my HP laptop that I got for Christmas. I absolutley love it!! It's the special edition "Garden Bloom" sold only at Walmart. There's a pic of it on my blog under the post "I was a very good girl this year." :)

  3. I use both a Dell Laptop and a Dell Desktop. I can't really say anything good for either but my husband prefers them. I can't stand that it is such a pain to use any new hardware with them (unless that hardware was purchased from Dell). It gives me problems with my camera, problems with my printer, and neither computer will do my laundry...hehe! Good Luck

  4. We have a desk top and 3 laptops. The first one we had of course was the desk top which we all use when there is no laptop available. My 3 daughter's are the owner's to the laptops. My oldest has an HP and paid about $650, the middle one has an Acer and paid $450. To me the work exactly the same way. My youngest has a Compaq notebook - cause it was the only thing in the price range, it cost $405 These prices all include tax. I don't like the Compaq because of the way the keyboard is set up other then that it works great. Just my two cents - good luck.

  5. Congratulations!! I can't wait to work with everyone!