Friday, April 29, 2011

Market Street Stamps Guest Designer

Hey everyone!

Raven here from Love4stamps and this is my last day to Guest Design at Market Street Stamps. I'm going to have to tell you I've had such a blast. Angelica the co-owner is one of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She is super generous, so sweet, and amazingly considerate. I just love her.

So for some reason I just love the whimsical side of Market Street Stamps. Don't get me wrong there are some AMAZINGLY wonderful vintage/elegant stamps but I'm drawn to the whimsical with this line.

To give you some history...We ended up jumping in the car on Saturday morning and drove to White Sands/Carlsbad Caverns and Roswell. Well I needed something for the kids to do on the drive...

(Insert crafty mom here!) 
Yup...that would be me.

Here it is...

 Can you guess what it is? A FELT BOARD!!!!! The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I even played with it for a while on the trip. This seriously provided about 2 hours of quiet time for mom and dad. Until...they decided to start fighting over the pieces. YES I do NOT get the mom of the year award because I didn't make three of them. ESH. I have to remember that next time.
Here is a picture of a few other pieces.

So here is what I did
1. Stamp the image on cheap printer paper
2. Cut out the image with a small white shadow around it.
3. Pin the stamped image onto a piece of felt (I found that white felt worked the best)
4. Using the stamped image as a pattern cut out the felt with fabric scissors
5. Stamp the image on thick card stock and color
6. Cut out the image as close to the line as you'd like.
7. Using Mod Podge completely cover the stamped and cut out image. Let dry. You may want to apply two coats. This just thickens the piece.
8. Using No Sew adhere the image stamped on card stock to the felt piece.
9. Cover the entire (including felt) piece with mod podge on the front. Be sure you don't get mod podge on the back.
10. Let dry and ENJOY!!!!!

I used two stamps sets for this project. Under the Sea and Ocean Fun . They have this thing where they do a deal of the week. So of course I had to buy these up! Go over weekly and take a look.

Thank you all so much for coming over and taking a look at my projji. I have had such a fabulous time this month and I just want to thank all the Market Street Team for this opportunity!!!!



  1. Love this idea. I loved felt boards as a kid.

  2. Great idea and great insight. They always need something of their own.
    You are a fabulous designer and a great mom
    U no who

  3. I'm giving you the creative mom of the year award. What a spiffy idea. If I get half a mo I may try this for my niece. She has to travel 2 hours to come see grandma

  4. Haven't seen felt boards for the longest time. What a great idea and darling too!