Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

Okay so my friend Kristi and I always challenge each other! Just for fun and to enjoy our craft. Well this week we are doing something that is so super fun I thought it would be fun to open it up to everyone!!!

We both LOVE pinterest and we are constantly pinning things.
Here is my pinterest and here is Kristi's pinterest in case you are intersted.

Well anyway this week our challenge for each other was to find something on pinterest (or use something you've already pinned) and remake it.

How fun is that???

So I found these awesome coasters!
We don't really drink much over here so I changed the drinking theme to something that is more fitting toward our life style.

Inspirational coaster. LOVE IT!!!
 Here is one I made especially for the hubs!
 This was my fave! ;)

They are all pretty much like this. I just love them.

They were easy to assemble. Surprisingly the hard part was thinking of words that inspired me. My hubby's coaster was the easiest one to make. All of those words came to me right away.

Once I had all of the words laid out and in order of how I wanted them I used super glue to assemble one row at a time. you want to do one row because the tiles aren't exactly the same. Once each row is assembled adhere the first row to the second row and so on and so forth.

Once your coaster is dry and adhered together get outdoor mod podge (You can also use a wood sealer). This will seal your piece AND you can use them outside if you'd like. These would be cool house warming gifts to new neighbors in the summer time too lol. I don't know I'm pullin now. lol.  

Here is a link to Kristi's awesome projji. Go on over and take a peek. If you have any fun challenge ideas please share them! I LOVE when friends challenge each other and we all play along.


  1. Raven I just love these! I will be on the hunt for old scrabble games! Thanks for the inspiration and the fun challenge!! Can't wait til next one! :)

  2. Wow these are awesome Ray. I love love love them. At first I thought... Hmmmm why did she make drinking coasters when she doesn't drink :)). Love you.