Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monster High

Hey y'all! So this is a post I've been meaning to share with you all for a while. My little girl turned 7 in September and she wanted a Monster high birthday. Have y'all heard of them? Well they are super dooper cute. Here is how her party turned out...

Ber in mind this is the first time I've done a real themed birthday. I mean other than the carnival, and the hello kitty, video game... and the well this is the only one that was really decorated. ;)

So this is the main part of the table.

 The blue and pink popcorn balls. :) Tied with pink twine.

 Pink gumballs there were baby blue ones as well.

 Pink and blue rice krispie treats.

 Sugar sticks. YUM

 Tulle Pink and blue tulle hanging from the chandelier.


 Bones. OMGOODNESS these were soooo good. I wish I would have made more but I didn't. :(

 And the birthday girl in her Monster high shirt!!!!

Happy really late birthday baby lol. ;)


  1. I LOOOVVEE This! Super Cute, I also have a Monster High Fan here she will be 8 this year. For Christmas she got 5 MH Dolls and is talking about she wants more in March for her birthday lol we will see! Thanks for sharing you did an Awesome Job!!


  2. really cute and yes these dolls are super cute my gd loves them she is 5 I made her a mini album for her pictures it turned out really cute.

  3. really cute!!!! were the bones pretzel sticks and marshmallow dipped in white chocolate????? cute idea

  4. Cute! Looks like you had lots of fun!

    Ruthie :)

  5. Very nice, I bet your daughter love it!

  6. Super cute! My daughter is a huge monster high fan as well she is 9 years old and she got 6 monster high dolls for Christmas and wants others as well. Plus she has the wii game and she tells me she wants everything monster high! I love this idea thanks for sharing!
    if anyone needs ideas on a Twilight party i have that down. My daughter had a Twilight New Moon party for her 8th birthday and i went all out!