Monday, February 13, 2012

Scrapbook Monday6~Water baby

Hey everyone!!! How you doin'?

So this little princess is a water baby. Every year she has asked for her birthday to be at the pool. Okay maybe not this first birthday, maybe dad and I made that decision for her but it was because her face would light up anytime she was around water. NOW I have to fight with her to get in the bath but that's a whole other layout lol.

Everything I used on here was from Imaginisce and Stampin up!

I'm still using up my stash so these gems were just collecting some dust. I had to break them out of their jar and use them on here. :) The paper too. Isn't it beautiful?!? So yeah its been stashed away waiting for the perfect picture! I found it and USED IT!!!! ;)

Thanks y'all for stopping by! My baby will be 6 in 4 short months. :( She has lost her beautiful chubby cheeks and they have been replaced by perfectly placed dimples. But...she still has that full hearted laugh the one that starts in her eyes goes straight to her heart and explodes through her entire body with the most beautiful sound in the entire world! I love this girl!!!!!~

Be sure to add your scrapbook page in the comments so that I can go on over and check it out please I love looking at your scrapbook pages.


  1. Absolutely precious. Love the LO

  2. This is so cute!! They grow so fast!! Super adorable!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @