Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Market Street Retiring Sets :(

I always get so sad when I see that something is being retired lol. I'm such a dork like that. Anyway one of my most favorite stamps from Market Street Stamps is being retired. :(

Totally bummed but I know with change always comes the possibilities of something beautiful being put in its place and I don't doubt that for one minute with Market Street. SOOO With that said I thought I would share my favorite projects using one of my favorite Market Street Stamps. ;)

 I was really into mixed media a while back and that was all I wanted to do. I think I want to get some paint on my clothes soon. lol I LOVE playing with paint.

 And then this one is a game board I created for my kiddos using this same beautiful stamp. Everything on this one was colored with oil pastels the kids did a lot of the coloring too ;)

Thanks everyone for stopping by and don't forget to get this stamp before its gone sniff sniff!!! ;)


  1. Love the rocket ship, and the game board looks awesome!


  2. Love these Raven! Such fun cards :D

  3. It's one of my absolute favorites, too, Raven! Such a bummer! But I love, love, LOVE how you've given it such life with these projects! Using it as a spinner is pure genius! And thanks so much for stopping by to say hello during Market Street Stamps' Market Mini Blog Hop! Good luck!