Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Project Life Week 1

Hi beautiful crafters! I am so excited that we decided (pretty much as a family) to attempt project life again this year. Last year and the year before we kind of got behind. Okay, I got behind and then I just GAVE UP! So this time I'm trying to put some steps into place so that the same thing wont happen again this year. If we are friends on Facebook you may have seen these already  but if not here they are. ;)

I think just because of how I've set things up I may go back and do project life for the previous years and get them finished. If I cant do week by week I will at least do month by month. Especially since last year was such a crazy year for us I'd like the kids to remember their strengths.

So, this is our cover. I just picked up where we left off with the previous years (which arent complete years) These are our 4 pajor focuses so thats why they take front and center. Family, Faith, Love and Health!

Super basic page. It actually isnt finished. Maybe once it is all done I will post the pic again but this is it for now week one!

 And this is the other side of week one. I think this might be my favorite of the three so far. I need wo work on stitching and embellishments but its pretty fun. Most of the elements used are from Studio Calico. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!!!

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  1. I love your project life week one. I wanted to do project life this year but I dont really have anything to take pics of everyday. Since me and my hubby dont have kids I fear that the binder would be full of pics of my dog and cat. lol. I love your title pages.. Keep up the great work!