Monday, April 20, 2015

Giveaway closed~ winner announced Planner Stickers and GIVEAWAY

***giveaway closed***

Hey beautifuls. I asked my handsome 12 year old to pick a number between 1-7 and he said he loves #4. Sooooo
Jessica Santiago you are our lucky winner. I will email you right now and send out your goodies this week!

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful comments. They always make me smile. 

Hey beautiful crafters. I have a fun project I'd love to share with you. I am ADDICTED to my planner. When I say that I'm not talking some fun thing like I am in love with this thing. It keeps me more organized then I have been in years (dates back to college years and the times I used a planner). My life and times will consist of planners for the rest of my existence I vow to you all now. AND if that isn't exciting enough there is a huge planner society of creatives that decorate their planners and add tons of yummies to them. Yeah I dare you to search #Planner in instagram. You're welcome!

So without further ado I made some fun planner stickers that I can use to keep me on track. These will help eliminate the need to hand write everything. I used just some label sheets I had laying around the house and added the png into a the template for that specific sheet. Here look...

 Seriously are you as excited as me? ECK!!! 

So the oldest kid has Orthodontist appointments about even 6 weeks which is a regular. The coffee mugs I thought would be cute to use as "meetings with friends". Date night is pretty obvious (older file). The scissors represent when the boys should be getting their haircuts. I cut the girlies hair and my own but I can't do a mean fade like the Barber shop can. I digress! The balloons will be used for birthday parties, Girl Scouts is pretty self explanatory, the camping tents (older file) are to plan out our fishing/camping weekends and finally the cameo represents when I need to work on a cutting file project. I SUPER love this!!!!

If you have any questions and you'd like to make one similar please don't hesitate to email me or comment on this post.

Giveaway~ I also have a little giveaway for you today. I "accidentally" printed up two of these sheets of stickers so I'm giving one away. ;) Just leave a comment here with a way for me to contact you I.E. Your email address and I will pick a winner on Sunday April 26th and post it right here. So be sure to come back and check to see if you won; even if you don't check, I will email you. ;)

Hugs and Creative Blessings,


  1. You did such a great job on these! I love how you think outside the box!! Thanks for all the creative inspiration!

  2. That is awesome. I would have never thought of that. Keep it up.

  3. super cute! would love a chance to win.

  4. So cute! I would love to win.

  5. awesome job - the look great! workmanscrap at gmail dot com

  6. Great idea, I love it! I am addicted to my planner too!

  7. Awesome job!!! Love these!!! Planners are totally addicting, I agree!!!!