Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Oh do I love me some bibles. I love to review bibles because they can vary so much from one bible to the next and I feel like it is so great to see what works best for you. 

This is the NIV Zondervan Study Bible which is definitly a STUDY bible. I say this because it is so incredibly big and jam packed full of information that you will most likely only want to use it if you have it on your next or next to bed. It contains 2880 pages with thin, typeface small font. The typeface of the notes are even smaller. It's very unlikely to travel with this bible because of its bulk. So I would not recommend this for bible study class or the like. The weight is also an issue (it weighs 5 pounds) due to the bulk so it isn't light. 

It is a full color bible though and that is really beautiful to see all the color coding throughout. It helps digest this bible with its varying codes. I absolutely loved the colored maps as well. 

The NIV is a great version and I loved the way that it was outlined so well it really helps one pull apart scripture and really dig deep into the true meaning of each passage. 

If you are looking to do a comprehensive study with the NIV bible this is the one for you. I would highly recommend this review but like I said it's not a traveling bible.

I received this book for free from Booklookblogger.com for a complete and honest review. 

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