Monday, October 3, 2016

Book Review~ Pop Manga Coloring Book<-----Seriously, you NEED this one!

I had to post a large picture of this review because honestly..."THAT COVER".

My oldest daughter is into Manga and her and I have been on the "adult coloring" bandwagon for over a year now so when I saw this beauty we just had to get it. Have you ever seen the cover and pretty much sight unseen knew you were going to enjoy the content so much? This book illustrated by Camilla d'Errico is just that. Her illustrations are works of art that fascinate the mind. So let me go over this little gem and tell you the pros and cons from my perspective. 

Pro 1. The illustrations are on point. The way her mind transforms an image from one main focal point to multiple themes reminds me of having fun in elementary school while I was working on Squiggles. Do you remember those? The teacher would draw a random shape on your paper and you had to turn it into something. Even though my squiggles never looked near as good as these the whimsical feel is the same. Just look at the main cover we have a beautiful little girl with a bee in her hair and her neck is wrapped by an octopus that looks like it is wrapped around sea wood, and then to top it all off she is wearing a bear on her head. YEAH Adorbs!
Pro 2. You feel as though you were just given d'ERRICO's art journal. Some pages look as though they were drawn with charcoal which is thicker and choppy. It is my absolute favorite medium and I adore these pages. However, there are some amazing pages that are drawn with (what looks like) pencil and they are just as beautiful. Most of these pieces are reminiscent of walking through an art museum. You can FEEL the emotions of each scene. They are truly beautiful. 
Pro 3. The cover it quite thick which makes a great base for a book that you will be coloring in. 
Pro 4. You could learn how to really draw with this book. d'ERRICO's hand strokes are effortless to follow and so beautiful to see on paper. 

Okay now here we go with the cons...
Con 1. The book is an odd shape (large, for a coloring book) which is completely fine if you are coloring on a coffee table or desk but large otherwise. 
Con 2. You don't really want to color the pictures they are so beautiful. I wasn't sure if this fit under a pro or a con but I can see it as both so there ya go!

This was a super amazing book to review from and we are so grateful that we can share our honest opinions with you. 
~Zoe and Mom

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