Sunday, September 26, 2010

OH WOW!!!!!

Okay first and foremost I want to say I like the updates to BLOGGER! NICE. It will make it a whole lot easier to do tutorials on here. Hey that's a great idea. How about a tutorial. It's my first so go easy on me.

Okay so my daughter put the word birthday in design studio. We made sure to center it in the middle because I was going to let my daughter help and I didn't want the outside line to be really close to the cut letters.

Then...we put Freezer paper on the cricut mat and taped the edges with painters tape. I always do this just because I hate cutting more than once and this pretty much ensures my paper wont slip

Bought the color of my daughters choice from Hobby Lobby...
Placed the word birthday where I wanted it on the shirt. P.S. My daughter designed the entire thing herself in Design Studio
I didn't take a picture of me ironing it on but using the glossy side down in both the cutting mat and the shirt ensures it will look good. So what you will do is iron the "stencil" onto your shirt. I had to place my iron on the highest setting before it would stick.
And then I let my baby girl paint away!
The first one was super easy but I made some mistakes along the way. In an effort to keep the scrap room clean I asked baby girl to throw the unused letters away and...we threw away the insides of the b and d! We placed some cardboard on the inside of the shirt and thank goodness because we glopped on the birthday purple and it bled through.
The lighting isn't the best on this one because I had to use the flash. It takes 4 hours for each coat to dry and we started the shirt at noon. The shirt is still a tad damp. But this is the final project. I think it came out GREAT for our first attempt. And I think the girls and I have a new addiction. I mean thing we like. hehe Tomorrow is my baby girls 6th birthday and this will be her shirt that she will wear to school. I think we have a new family tradition.

A few more things I forgot to mention...IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!! I think that's our favorite part.

Please visit Joy's blog she is where I got the entire idea! She has the best ideas ever for your cricut. So if you  haven't checked her blog out you need to go NOW. She is awesome!

P.S. I will be having a challenge for the entire month of October for GREAT prizes by my favorite stamp company...HINT HINT PKS!!!!! SO look out for that.


  1. that turned out Great! Thanks for sharing.

    Simple Creations

  2. Your daughter did an awesome job! tfs and have a great day. :)

  3. It looks great. She did a fantastic job!! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Your daughter is like you !!! Very artistic !!! She did a great job. By the way, this is great for my 4 y/o girl too (xoxo)