Friday, October 1, 2010

Pay It Foward Friday

Hello everyone! I am so super excited that it is finally October!!!!! I LOVE OCTOBER. For a number of different reasons...
1. My family LOVES to decorate for Halloween. We go all out! Our house looks like a crazy scary mess!
2. I love all the colors of Fall/Autumn.
3. Falling leaves make me smile. Crunching them makes me laugh!

So what does all of this mean to you, you ask? Well I'm so glad that you did.
I am going to be hosting a number of challenges throughout the month on Fridays and we are going to call them
(For me living my life in service is one of the things that makes me the happiest, so if you are like me then here is your chance)

There will be tons of great prizes from my favorite companies.

So my number one favorite company Peachy Keen Stamps donated some awesome stamp sets. I've picked up a thing or two that I'm super excited to give away but you will have to keep coming back in order to see what you can win.

Onto the challenge...This week the challenge is to create a card for Operation Write Home. They have a few simple rules on the website but I will showcase those here...

1. No glitter.
2. General are best for flexibility! Thinking of you, birthday, love, miss you, holidays are also loved.
3. The best size that allows the most cards into a box is 4.25" x 5.5", fitting into standard A2 envelopes.
4. Write a short note in one of the cards you send in and encourage a hero far from home! (I suggest doing this on a post it note so that they can take it out and send the card home)

So...I am asking that you PLEASE send this card. I know we all get busy but our troops need our support! So if you could please only enter the contest if you are truly going to send the card ASAP. The address that you will send your card to is Here. And here is a really good thing to read before sending your cards About The Program.

Oh I almost forgot...
What can you win you ask, yes yes I can't forget that part. Well on top of feeling great because you will be making someones day you can also win this amazing stamp set by Peachy Keen Stamps. Thank you Peachy Keen Stamps for sponsoring this awesome challenge!!!! You have until 7:00 PM MST October 7, 2010. The winner will be announced Friday with the new challenge!

And I just need to throw in if you don't own a Peachy Keen Stamp set then you are truly missing out. Not only are they adorable but they have the best service available. I have never ordered from a company or walked into a store and they know you by name. But the wonderful people at Peachy Keen Stamps DO! They are a family company and it shows. They are beyond wonderful! The prices are great, shipping is super fast and the stamps are simply WONDERFUL! So please go check them out!


  1. This is a really great challenge, for a great cause!

  2. This is fantastic! I think I will play! :) Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment on the blog today! Good luck in the giveaway and I will see you tomorrow! :)

  3. I haven't had time for stamping lately but of course I will participate in this one. I'll make some cards either today or tomorrow. Where do I send them 2 when they are made? Can't wait for your birthday :))

  4. I don't own a set of Peachy Keen Stamps yet but I will at my next pay day and I can't wait!!!!

  5. I would love to win a set of PK face stamps but sadly I will not enter this challenge because I already make cards for OWH. Good luck to everyone and you did a great job on your video.

    Marianne S.

  6. Thank you for inviting me...I could not just do one card but I did have to stop after 4. I am not sure how to adjust the photos yet so I am sorry for the way the photos came out.


  8. Raven this is such a great challenge and for a great cause. I will have to think of something good to send them.

  9. Yes, I just found out about this a few weeks ago. I made 40 cards and it felt so good to participate in this program. Used my cricut and made some cute Winnie the Pooh and Mickey ones too plus birthday, etc.