Friday, June 17, 2011

Yall wanna see what I've been working on?

Okay so I wanted to just show you all something fun that the girls and I have been working on this summer. We are having a lot of fun hanging out so I thought I would share something along those lines.

First we have been making jewelry but that will be another post.

For today we wanted to show you our newest love...

Please DO NOT look at those cuticles. I didn't know how to alter that until today now I know! lol They will get better.
 Next up is my baby girl...Okay first let me start by saying she has the cutest little hands in the whole world!!!!!
 Can you guess where we are taking the kids on vacation????? ECK!
 Well that's all she wrote for today just thought we would share before we go outside and ride bikes. Hope you all are having a great summer!!!!!!


  1. Super cute, is that the kit that you kind of stamp onto your nails...i so wanted to try it. TFS!

  2. Oh my goodness those are too sweet!! Talk about some patience!!! :)

  3. Those are some fabulous nails..

  4. Such cute nails. Is there a Minnie Mouse in your future?

  5. cute cute cute! :) did you use konad for the fist baby girl? :) i have the kit but i'm so laaaaazy. Lol, so many polishes and konad plates and i just get them done at the salon. LOL! yay for disney! i'm so jealous!

  6. SO FUN GIRL! I've given you a blog award dear friend! Please stop by to pick it up! {{HUGS}}

  7. Are you're nails from the Konad style nail plates? DD and I just discovered these and ordered a mess of plates from Amazon (great prices) and are having a fabulous time doing our nails, and our friends' nails. Today we cut out fabric, tomorrow we sew. Keeping ourselves busy.