Monday, January 16, 2012

Scrapbook page2~Lobos

I'm forewarning you in case you don't want to read my
babbling just scroll down there is a picture or two in here somewhere. ;)

 I didn't post this last week but I did finish it last week! I just didn't get a chance to get a picture of it and upload it. So if you are super new here (WELCOME BTW) then you may not know but one of my New Years Resolutions is to make a two page spread once a week. I realize I might not have time to do that so I'm okay with one page per week as well. lol

Either way here is my layout for last week. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have completed 52-2 page spreads which will be a total of 104 single pages! I believe that I can do it! I just have to stay focused so call me out (Haidee lol) When I haven't posted one. I LOVE that I really do it keeps me on track.

Anyway one more thing to say and then I'll quit rambling...I thought it would be easier to jump back into scrapbooking then it has proven to be. It is NOT like riding a bike people! ;) I need practice! LOTS AND LOTS OF PRACTICE.

Okay here it is...
My husband (the sports freak) rallied all the troops to go to the first of the season Lobos game. We are die hards even though they were 16-1 lol lol lol. We're just loyal that way hahaha. Anyway we knew we would be too frustrated to go again after the first game so we went and had a blast!!! I actually have so many pictures this may be its own album when its done lol.
 I made some secret journaling on that tag right behind the picture. ;) I just made a little pocket for it and placed it inside.
 Here is some more journaling. I use to hate my handwriting. But then my dad came over this past Christmas with recipes for us to use to make cookies. Well they had my grandmothers handwriting who passed 10 years ago from a sudden cancer. I miss her terribly but it was amazing to see her handwriting in the recipes we used. So I decided then and there my kids (and whoever reads the sb pages) wont be judging my handwriting they will be cherishing the memories that were documented. So that's that ;)
Okay so something y'all may not know about me is I love me some Unity stamps. Ive only recently found them within the last 4 months but I have um...(our secret right?) about fifty sets! Yeah I kinda love them lol. shhh don't tell my husband! ~K~ Thanks ;)

So this page uses the January Smak Kit called without YOU what would I DO and the Itty Bitty set called You're the Ticket. I also used a few elements from the new Peachy Picks Kit.

I hope you all like it as much as I liked making it. Hope you're having a beautiful Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!!


  1. Great layout! I think this is an admirable resolution as I need to get on the ball with these too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. love your layout Raven!!! I should try and scrapbook at some point.... maybe lol. I love seeing your work!

    Kim :)