Thursday, February 9, 2012

eCraft awesomeness and my first book!

Well hello to you too! ;) Yeah I'm in a weird mood. Anyway...I was so excited when I had the opportunity to walk around at CHA and meet some awesome people that I had to try my hand at some products, why of course. Today's project was NOT an impulse buy...go me. lol It was something I have wanted for about a year now and when I saw it in action at CHA I had to have it!!! The bind it all. So this is a creation of some of my new favorites and some old ones...the eCraft of course, the Bind it all, Unity Stamps and this fabulous paper!
We received the ecraft diecutable cardstock from the Paper Mill store
and AMAZING stamps from Unity Stamps. I love me some Unity. So I got
to work right away. The paper we were gifted is a solid based
cardstock with a texture on one side and it is smooth on the other
side. Super love this stuff.
Here is a list of what was used:
Pink CutMates Diecutable Cardstock. (Strawberry Smoothie)
Pattern paper
Bakers Twine (Pink) from
brown buttons
So this was a really fun project to make. I started with 2 coasters
(measuring 4"x4") that my mom had purchased for me (they were .10 at
Michaels) I covered each side with pattern paper and then using my
AMAZING new Bind-it-all I punched the holes on the side. Then I cut
the CutMates Cardstock down to 3 1/2" x 3 3/4" and punches holes with
the bind it all to match up the front and back cover.

Using the eCraft I cut out the heart from Fundamentals 1 at 3" inked
it up and placed it on the cover. Next I cut up 3 flowers at 2" from
the Fundamentals 1 SD card and stamped those as well as crinkled them.
Added some embellishments and voila!
I really love this little project and I cant wait to make a ton more.
I was telling my husband that everyone will be getting a "book" for
Christmas lol. Hope you are all having a great day.


  1. Love it!!! I want to journal now!!! Congratulations on a winner!!!

  2. This is so gorgeous!! I love the crochet flower..I want to make a book now haha!