Monday, February 6, 2012

Scrapbook Monday5~Kinder

Hey everyone! So today's layout is all about growing up!

Disclaimer: I don't remember EVER giving her permission to grow up!

This one she is the last one, my baby!

I call them all my babies but in all fairness she really is the baby. She's the one who would rather cuddle me and play games then watch t.v. The one who runs to me when she gets out of class and the one who holds my hand every morning when we walk to school! I love her so much and I am NOT okay with her growing up! This was a very hard day for me; totally a selfish day! I was worried about her, but only a little she is such a free spirit and such a leader I knew she would do well.

I was really worried about me. What would I do all day without her? Who would be my coloring buddy? Where would I go when it was a nice beautiful day other than the park? I was lost! My husband was AMAZING of course he always is! He took me to breakfast then shopping trying to keep my mind off of my baby but I still cried for most of the day. I am NOT that kind of mom, but I guess it happens to you when you least expect it now doesn't it. Just the way life is, one day she's a baby and the next she is getting married. HAHAHA Not really but that's how I make my husband cry ;) hehehehe.

I used the adorable PK-295 Cupid's Sting for the sentiment because it was totally fitting!

 Painted the chipboard letters with white acrylic paint and then put some crackle over them. :)

 These prima flowers I have had FOREVER so I just layered them up and but a button on top. They looked a little too plain for me and twine just didn't match the elegant fun theme for this project so I used some glossy accents and then sprinkled on some silver art co beads. Thanks for those mom!! ;)

Well that's it for today. If you've made a scrapbook page please link it up in the comments so I can go over and take a look at it. ;) Hope you are having a great day!!!