Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter 2012 CHA

Okay I had such a good time at CHA I wanted to share my pictures with you! I met some amazing people and I dont have pictures with all of them so if you have a pic of us together would you mind sending it to me? Thanks yall!!!!

This is where it all began. lol
Basic Grey home decor LOVE
 Some more basic grey
 and some more lol they had the most beautiful booth I think. Well it was pretty close to being the best imo.

 The people may not appreciate being in this picture but I found it and had to get a picture because (I get lost easily and) I wasn't sure I would find it again lol

 pure beauty!

In addition to all of this beauty I met some beautiful women

Angelica, Stephanie and Dobea. I stalked their booth. Totally unintentional this wonderful lady I met said, "You have to go see the cutest stamps they are at booth..." and so I went although I had already been their twice I didn't know it was the MSS booth so yeah these poor girls got to see a lot of me lol.

 These beautiful women were adorable and I had the pleasure of walking around with them for a while before they caught their plane. I also got to see Emma first had make a card (ON THE FLY) no less and it was amazing, as usual. Emma, Liz and Katie were so amazing truly sweet sweet gals. Emma's momma was taking the picture she was the sweetest too!

Craftwell booth. I took tons of the Craftwell booth so brace yourself lol

Thank you again to Craftwell for gifting me this amazing opportunity! :) I still have a ton of other pictures to post so tune in soon!!! ;)


  1. Great pictures, Raven! I'm so glad you won this awesome trip and that you had so much fun!!

  2. Great pics Raven!! Love me some BG and MSS too!!

  3. What fun pictures! I can't believe I missed out on it. Maybe next year for me.


  4. ohhhhhhhhhh Fun Fun Fun!!! so wonderful and thoughtful of you to share your pics of CHA!!! be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure