Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello again Kitty ;)

Hey everyone!

How are you on this beautiful Friday morning/afternoon/evening? Everyone is pretty good over here. Other than the fact that my kids are growing up and getting bigger everyday :( NOT OKAY.

Well my baby girl will be turning 6 and her "BIRTH"day is 6-6-06. Yeah talk about a lot of 6's. But I say anyway the Lord makes is a good one. ;) So this week we are sharing an uber fun challenge with you all. I soooo hope you can play along.

Challenge 16
Create a 3D object of your choice upcycling soup cans!

I had to take a close up to prove that I really did use a soup can lol in case you didnt believe me ;)

Whatcha pipe cleaners at the dollar store (one pack per soup can) and decorate it with your choice of colors. I used a low temp hot glue gun to make sure they adhered well enough for small hands. ;) I also added a green floral cylinder into the center to hold everything in place.

 Next hot glue bamboo skewers to your candy. If I would have been thinking I would have bought candy that WONT MELT in the beginning of June. AH HA moment for sure lol.

Then wrap your choice color of cardstock around candy to make sure it keeps the same color theme you are going for. See the yellow wrapper (does not match the party theme so it had to be changed. ;)

Stamp Thank you from the Springtime Minis set onto each circle. The circles are as follows
1 3/8~purple
1 1/2~pink
scalloped circle~white

 Cut the hello Kitty head out at 4" using the Hello Kitty Greetings Card.
Stamp Super Simple Eyes and Noses onto the face right in between the whiskers. Color in the nose using Copic y17.

Once it is all put together...Voila you are done. This will be a kitchen centerpiece. I plan on jogging over to the store to buy some "NONE MELTY" candy later.

Thank you all so much for stopping by please please please play with us this week and dont forget to go on over and check out what my dt sisters created for your viewing pleasure. ;)


  1. You are so dang talented Raven!

  2. These are the cutest and yes I totally agree you are very talented hugs Debbie

  3. These are the cutest and yes I totally agree you are very talented hugs Debbie

  4. These are the cutest and yes I totally agree you are very talented hugs Debbie

  5. ADORABLE! I love pink and purple together and those pipe cleaners add such a cool look to the can. AWESOME job. I LOVE it! Hugs- Glora

  6. what an awesome way to cover your soup can Raven, I love your colour scheme, p & p are so pretty together, and your hello kitty is so cute. Great idea two thumbs up :)

  7. Very, very cute! I hope that Cricut releases the HK cartridges sometime in the future!

  8. Really cute. Love the idea and love the colors.

  9. Love it! WOW! Hello Kitty is adorable! Very well put together! Super cute!

  10. love it