Friday, December 21, 2012

Mini Hiatus

Hey bloggers! I wanted to stop in and tell you all that I will probably be out until after Christmas. I have scheduled a few projects and posts to go up but I will be taking a mini hiatus... wanna know why?
Lemme share ;)
Our house currently looks like this...
 Yeah. :( Thermometers and Ibuprofen and sick kids are NOT fun! But I love being a mom its my favorite thing ever; even when they are sick.
 Even our little guy Bernard has been sick and out of commission for the last two days. :( (See the new toothbrushes in the photo lol yeah when they get sick they need new ones)
On a lighter note I had a chance to cut some fabric while my little guy was resting and I finished my Step Moms pajama slippers! She is going to love them.
I hope you are all having a happy, healthy holiday and I'll see you all again real soon!!!

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