Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Studio calico kits

Hey beautiful crafters! So let me tell you, I wanted to see if this whole blogging from your smart phone was possible or even easy? I'll let you know yo voy...

Edited to add: I did have to come in and replace the pictures that I took and uploaded from my phone because they were just ridiculously blurry. ;)

Oh my gosh you guys. It is seriously the easiest thing in the world. First I'm going to start off by saying my blog posts might start sounding like I'm ignorant. Not because I am, of course, but because I'm using my iPhone to type out my blogger posts. Let's face it, my phone and I don't get along when it comes to spell check. I just hope I don't say something completely inappropriate or offensive. If spell check ever makes me say something I didn't say...please take this as my advance apology. 

So I recently (as in about 15 days ago) signed up to start receiving the card kit and Scrapbooking kit from Studio Calico. I'm gonna be honest and tell you I have been drooling over them for years. Years I tell ya. They just weren't in the budget; or they were but I decided to spend that money elsewhere. So, now that they are in my hands I've vowed to use them. I have such a problem with hoarding that it's becoming overwhelming in this place I call a craft room. (Actually right now I'm blogging from my bed because I'm sick as a dog. How nice is that I'm typing this up on my phone.) Schweet!!!

Anyway so when I signed up they had a special offer if you buy a kit you got a kit for free. How awesome is that? I tell ya my box was full of crafty yummies. And things i'd never think to buy either. I think that's my favorite part. 

I would love to tell you crafters which studio calico kit this is from but when I got them out of the box I just dumped them all out and started playing. oops. So the paper and embellies are either from novembers Scrapbooking kit or the antiquary kit. 

This isn't my favorite scrapbook layout ever but I got an entire page done and I'm trying not to be so hard on myself when it comes to crafting. The harder I am on myself the less I enjoy the craft. So that's that for today. And I'm also going to apologize upfront if I start posting A LOT more because this is so dang easy from my phone. Boom! 

Love you guys, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you are always creating your heaven on earth. ;)


P.S. The picture is kinda blurry because I took it from my phone. I'm gonna have to see if there is a better way to take pics and upload them. I have a Nikon but I don't always like to get it out. Like when I'm sick. ;)

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