Sunday, February 28, 2016

What a Great Read :Book Review~Spark Joy

Hey gals & guys,

I have had the pleasure of reading the fantastic new book by Marie Kondo. I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing all three of her books thus far and I think this is my favorite. If you haven't yet been introduced to the KonMari method of organizing and declutter then this is the book you want to start with. The first book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, was great but this surpasses the first. The 280 pages include illustrations as well as detailed reasons as to why we hang onto our possessions. Every single category that you can think of is included in this book. I've tried to pin every single blog post and idea onto Pinterest but having the physical book seemed to really help me work through our clutter. We are a family of five and our "Stuff" has taken over our house. Our biggest tackle was by far the laundry. Being able to go through it piece by piece we have given away over 10 bags to charity. I still find such an attachment to stationery supplies so I'm working through that one but this is such a great read for even the youngest reader. If I could go back in time and learn all of her methods from childhood I think I would have been more successful in school and in life. I know that sounds drastic but her methods are honestly life changing. I feel like our home is calm and relaxed now due to our changes. We have a place for everything and a system that really works for our household. I wish you all luck in your decluttering adventures. If you haven't already... 

I'm grateful to for allowing me to read this book for review. 

What do you all think of the KonMari method? Have you used it in your home, office, school etc.? How is it going for you?

With love,

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