Saturday, December 4, 2010

A birthday gift

Hey everyone!!! is your Saturday going? I am having a great day so far. I have to go and get ready soon because my hubby's brother is having a b-day today and we are going out with he and his wife pretty soon. Either way hubby and bil are bffs and they are always joking and teasing each other. While hubby and I were at a recent trip to the dollar tree we saw this mug and I said, "hey I can etch that." To which brought a smile to hubby's face and a light bulb went off. lol So Here is what his idea was he wanted to harass his older brother. Eh these men. So here is today's project. This was my first attempt at glass etching and I THINK...I'm in love. Seriously this mug looks so professional and expensive. Not to toot my own horn or anything but toot toot!
It's totally a gag gift I'm sure he will use it to drink coke out of but it's funny lol!
This is what it looks like as a present! He loves chocolate!
Any advice on how to take pictures of glass, bring it on!
Here's a list of What was used:
Cricut-Birthday Cakes
Embellishments-twine and red ribbon for the bow
Tools-Glass etching cream! I LOVE this stuff.
Pink silhouette Vinyl that I picked up on sale at HL

Thanks for looking yall! :)
Oh AND if you are looking for the Flaunt it Friday blog hop
please click on the link! P.S. There are prizes to be had!!!!!


  1. Ohhhh I LOVE IT! Great job. I don't know about you but I'm thinking your sister might like some etching cream for Christmas. :)). Love you, Me

  2. that is too cute girl!!! I just did a mug too, but I like your sayinf ..funny!! great job!!

  3. THis is tooo cute! I love this idea. will need to give this a try!

  4. Hey girl, why not toot your own horn LOL!!!! I really have to try etching I would love to see a video how you did it so I can try it:) Love how it turned it and I love the sentiment!!!! Have fun:)

  5. Great job Raven. You did a great job for a first attempt. I don't believe it though. Tip: for pics with glares (ie glitter, etching) use a dark background behind your object or fill with something solid and dark. Also, make sure your camera's scene setting is to snow. It'll help reduce any glare and pick up the image. BTW - Come visit me. I'm participating in a hop and did some etching for the hop. See you soon.


  6. Hey, I posted a picture of my etched glass by filling up the mug with orange soda. may not be practical, but it was my mug and I was drinking the soda. Your mug looks great.

  7. Very cooool! That is a great idea!! TFS!

    Tori :)

  8. It looks great!!!! I had the same suggestion as Scrappin' Sista. Beautiful job, I love it! :)

  9. LOL, like the saying ... I thought that was too cute.

  10. I bought that mug for my hubby one day as a joke because hes always refilling his glass. Isnt that thing so heavy lol I love the etching super good job. maybe you should try putting a paper inside so we can see the etching. I am not expert but think it might help, or even right behind the mug, up close.

    thanks for sharing,

  11. Great job Raven. I haven't tried etching yet.

  12. Raven, Just noticed that you are a ABQ stamper. I live in ABQ too, come and view my blog (click on PAPERGEMS)...I'm behind in my postings Halloween is still up eck!!! ... but you can kinda see what I do. Your blog here is very nice! :) Denise

  13. Wow, this looks awesome. I've been wanting to try glass etching for a while. Just haven't but I really think I should. ;)

  14. Wow! This really does look very professional!! Are you sure it was your first time etching?! ;) They look just as good as the ones we had special ordered for my husband's groomsmen at our wedding! :)