Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Peachy keen Stamps September Sneak Peek

Oops! I'm kinda late. Lemme esplain... the ever amazing blogger just didn't post when it was suppose to. I'm so sorry y'all!!!
Peachy LOVE!!!! Hey y'all I am SOOOOO excited to share with you all today this amazingly awesome fun project using the beautiful and super creative new Peachy keen September SOTM! Oh I just love this release. As some of you may know Halloween is my favorite holiday so...yeah I just love this release! here it is...
My first Peachy project!
Okay so there are some do's and donts I've learned while doing this project.
1. Do NOT laminate every piece. I thought I was being super genius by laminating it, I thought "oh yes this will keep it nice and clean unobstructed from little finger prints and dark marks. UM NO now it is WAYYY too heavy but it still kind of worked out okay. ;)
2. If you are going to use your label maker and then your laminator to make the menu items DO NOT put your laminator higher than 3M. IT WILL BURN YOUR PAPER. lol Although for a Halloween menu board I have to admit I think it looks pretty cool!
3. HAVE FUN! I'm very fickle. I change my mind all the time and I cant stand things being the same all the time. So I knew having a different theme for each month would work perfectly in our home. I cant wait to make some more of these.
Here are some super fun ideas that I had the pleasure of seeing on Pinterest. They all inspired this creation...
Please be sure to head on over and see what my DT sisters created for your viewing pleasure! Absolutely amazing stuff!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by!!!! ;) Don't forget there is going to be some awesome challenges at our release party this week. GO HERE!!!


  1. This is fantastic, Raven! Such a great idea! ~Hugs

  2. So cute!! What a gorgeous project...so fun and a great idea :)

  3. This menu is the CUTEST. It would make me smile all month long. I like the idea of a different them for each month/season and then you can pull this one back out next fall too. So cute! Hugs- Glora