Monday, September 10, 2012

Project Life!!!! Day 1

HAHAHAHA I am totally lying it is NOT day one but it sure does feel that way. Back in March I posted this box...
With this entire spiel about Project Life and how much I LOVED the idea! Yup and I still do. Problem? The problem is unless I really truly commit to something I can't do it for an entire year. I'm kinda fickle. I LOVE one thing this month and then next month I'll see something shiny and new and want that. Yeah that's me. BUT this time I am totally committed to doing project life and I think I've figured out why I haven't been doing it. I GET PRETTY BUSY. I mean like really busy. With four kids all in school, working full time helping run two businesses, being a member of PTA, and the Girl Scouts Troop leader (which I think I'm giving up this year) I just run out of time, as I'm sure a lot of you do as well! But I've decided to stream line which gives me more time to create so I will be on this Project Life one week at a time. ;)
So this is what I've done...
You still with me? I know long post...
I've went ahead and did the only "real" thing that works for me. I GOT ORGANIZED. I know what a real epiphany right?!?! Yeah sometimes I'm just not as quick as the rest of the world.
So, when I was finished I sat down and got to Project Lifing! Is that a word? Lifing? Probably NOT but it's going to be our new word for the week. ;)
So I ended up getting...6 weeks done today. Yup! I'm pretty proud of myself. I mean yes I did use Design A and primarily just filled it up with pictures but there was SOME journal work in there along the way. And I've decided I am going to just keep going. I don't care if I missed a week or an entire month this last year I just have to keep going.
On that note, I've just ordered 50 pictures from Walgreens using this code...
Enter coupon code 25BOGO25 thru Saturday Sept.,15th* Side note: Walgreens=not the best picture quality but it fits my budget and it works for now. So until I can come up with a better plan, that's what we are sticking with. ;)
And I'm going to finish up with a few more weeks tonight. Here is a picture of one of our weeks using the AMAZING file called Ticket Stubs By Paper Piecing By Nikki. I sure hope she continues to come out with additional Project Life svg's that I can use. Hint Hint Nikki. ;) I just went ahead and resized these bad boys to fit a 3x4 pocket and did some journaling. Voila All done. ;)

 Okay so not all of these photos are the quality I would normally like. Yup but the problem with real life is that I don't always have my camera and I don't always have my kids. Sometimes the hubby takes them out or they are with grandparents. Regardless of who is taking the picture I want to capture their lives (our lives) all in one place. I'm giving up the idea that it "has to be perfect". I'm too real for that. ;) So wish us luck on this super fun journey. I'd love it if you were here with us but I know we are all on the path we are suppose to be on, when we are suppose to be on it. ;)
Thanks everyone for stopping by!


  1. So fun! I totally relate... but you already knew that. LOL

  2. Raven this is fabulous. Okay I hate to sound really stupid but what is this Project LIfe I have been hearing about everywhere??